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For Charge Conference dates click here    If you have not received the link for your church charge conference form, contact the District Office.

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Coming Events

  • Sept. 26th - dCOM interviews at Claremore FUMC

  • October 22nd - Boy's Ranch Rodeo at Noon

  • October 22nd - Trivia Night at Claremore FUMC - Fundraiser for NEO Miami Wesley Foundation and NSU Tahlequah Wesley Foundation

  • October 23rd - Installation Service for Bishop Nunn at Asbury UMC - Tulsa

  • June 19-23rd, 2017 - Green Country District Camp      (First Session)

  • July 17th-21st, 2017 - Green Country District Camp        (Second Session)


Consultation Forms for Clergy and Pastor Parish Relations Committees

We have new forms this year.  Use the new forms rather than an old one. These forms are found on the Conference website:  

The SPPRC should fill out the local church profile.   SPPRC should also do a clergy assessment form on each clergy person appointed to the church.  The guidelines should be followed and the SPPRC should be sure to share with each clergy person the assessment form that is on them personally.  Healthy communication pays off in a variety of ways for the ministry of the church and feedback helps the clergy person in their desire to always become better.  It is helpful for each clergy person to have this opportunity to have a conversation with SPPRC.

Each appointed clergy person should fill out the pastor profile or if they are an Associate they should fill out the profile for Associates.

Extension Ministers should fill out the extension ministry form.

The SPPRC and the clergy should send these directly to the District Office no later than by October 15th.  They are not charge conference forms and are intended to be confidential. 

For Clergy Consultation dates click here

Do you have a staff person who is doing nothing for your church?

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?  It might be the case, though.  The people at the UMC Foundation would like for you to think of them as part of your church staff.  They are ready and willing to help the church with all kinds of financial issues.  They need to be asked and invited, though.  I recently attended the "Faith and Money Academy" they offered and was amazed to discover even more of what they are able to help with.  Take a look at their website, give them a call, and make use of this amazing resource:

Digital Advertising Grants Available

UMC Communications is offering grants to help with your advertising.  Check it out here:

 Safe Sanctuary Policies

The conference has provided a disk of resources for working on Safe Sanctuary Policies.  If you need a copy contact the District Office or you can access these files online with this link:

Clergy Monthly Report

Be sure to fill out the Clergy Monthly Report and send to the District Office every month.  You can access the 2016 form in Excel or pdf format by clicking on the links.

District Apportionment Remittance Slip

You can download one of the new forms for payment of District Apportionments by Word or pdf format by clicking on the links.

Mission Insight

Demographic information is now available for each local church.  You can sign up and discover an amazing quantity of quality information for the area your church serves.  For registration instructions click here. 



Increase Worship Attendance


Why Worship Attendance Matters and Clues for Improving It from Lewis Center on Vimeo.

Other helpful videos can be found here:

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